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Anna Chincharauli, Tatia Mgeladze and Shorena Tsikarauli are three girls who became popular in Georgia owing to a music video posted online. In just two weeks, the video, in which the girls perform a Georgian folk song, gathered a million views. Overnight, the three friends became celebs featured in top-rated Georgian TV and radio shows.

How was the video shot? In a very simple way: Anna and Tatia came over to Shorena’s summer house in the town of Tskhvarichamiya near Tbilisi. They were walking down a country road. The weather was great and the view was splendid. The girls felt like singing. And so they did. Tatia recorded a selfie video, and then uploaded the recording to the internet. That was it. And it is this video footage that changed the lives of the three friends dramatically.

– We have been friends for years – Anna Chincharauli relates. – Wherever we are, whatever we do, we capture our pastime on video camera. Just for fun, to keep it as a memory. Our short stay over at Shorena’s summer house was not an exception either. I was shocked, when, two days later, I learned that our video was viewed online by 300,000 users. And the trend caught on… And the number of views keeps growing day after day.

Indeed, the trio’s popularity is shooting up. Anna, Tatia and Shorena started receiving invitations to different popular television and radio shows, as well as concerts. Heaps of proposals about creating studio records and their further broadcasting started arriving. The three students couldn’t even imagine such a success. Recently, they have announced that they are a music band. And the trio has got a name – Mandili, that is, a kind of a headscarf, women’s headpiece widely worn in many regions of Georgia.

– Why is it Mandili precisely? – Tatia asks, and tells the following story. As it turns out, some time ago one of the girls’ mother had a dream about the trio being named Mandili and that it brought the band luck.

– Having seen that dream, our friend’s mom asked us to give our band exactly that name, – Tatia recalls. – She didn’t need much time to talk us into it, after all. I think this name suits our band perfectly.

In addition to what has been said, Anna, Shorena and Tatia are ordinary girls without any special training. According to their own words, they learned all music skills on their own, and that also includes playing the panduri. An unexpected success, like a bolt from the blue, of course, makes the girls happy. But they are not going to rest on their laurels.

– Of course, shooting, television, radio, all that is great! – says Shorena Tsiskarauli. – But we want more. And for that, we are ready to work, develop, learn… We truly hope that we will be remembered by listeners and viewers not only for numerous online views, but for something bigger.


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